How to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Q. What can I do to reduce the risks of diabetes?
A. There are a few risks for diabetes that cannot be changed like genetic predisposition and aging. The rest, we can and should be working on. Lifestyles habits, activity levels, food choices, and stress management are formed over time. Some habits are purposeful and healthy, others are destructive, and some are simply traditions we have never questioned since our childhood. All habits are challenging to change. Our bodies desire to continue doing what it’s accustomed to doing, and it takes great energy to change direction and momentum.
Q. Why is Type 2 Diabetes so prevalent?
A. Our bodies were made to survive in adverse conditions, where work was sometimes hard and food might be scarce. However, our world has quickly become one where hard work is not as required and high-calorie food is too plentiful. We are not well suited for this environment. That has become evident in the increase in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. To counter this, we must make changes and adapt to our evolving environment.

Consider changing one unhealthy habit at a time
• Plan: Set a small goal and make sure the goal is aligned with your personal values and then add it to your calendar.
• Begin: Get started and increase slowly over time
• Do the best you can every day: All habits are challenging to change. But, small changes over time reap big benefits.
Our diabetes education department can help anyone with an existing diagnosis or pre-diabetes, as well as those who know they have strong risk factors for diabetes. We offer a six-week series of classes to help understand the risks and the strategies. The group can become a good support to encourage the needed changes. The best news is that all diabetes education services are free. It’s part of our commitment to a healthy community. Call 505.609.2867 for more information and class schedules.

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