What is the eHealth Program?
eHealth is a program provided by San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine, A Division of San Juan Regional Medical
Center, in collaboration with Aztec Municipal Schools District designed to provide healthcare visits via telehealth to students while in school. The goal of the program is to help students stay healthy and stay in school. The program will provide on campus non-emergent medical visits with a provider for students via video conferencing.

Why sign up for eHealth?
This program is of benefit to both parent and child. Children can be seen without having to leave school and parents can have their child seen by a provider without having to take time off work.

What services will be offered by eHealth?
Parent surveys show that the number one need is care for illness and injury such as sore throat, earache, sprain, etc. This will be the initial focus of the program. We plan to expand the program and add additional options.

What are the benefits of eHealth?
Many studies show that access to health services on-campus improves student’s lives in many ways. Our goal is to help
students stay healthy and stay in school. Improvements in technology allow for quick access to a provider that is both safe and confidential. Obviously better attendance is a significant outcome and with regular attendances comes better grades and school outcomes. Improvements in chronic disease management, reduction in Emergency Room visits, fewer
hospitalizations, an increase in health, and higher GPAs are all potential outcomes from the program.

Is registration required for participation in the program?
Registration by either a parent or a guardian is required to participate and only those students who are registered can participate. The school nurse or health aide will participate in each televisit. Parents can come to the school and be present during the televisit if they wish or they can be updated on their child’s results at a later time. Information regarding the televisit will be shared with the child’s primary care provider. Registration for the program is valid for one school year and registration is required each school year.

When can I register for the program?
You can register for the program at any time during the year. If your child becomes sick at school and you decide you would like your child to participate but have not yet registered, there is an option to allow the first televisit with an over the phone approval. The full registration must be completed immediately thereafter.

How does this program help support schools and students?
School nurses have tremendous demands on their time and this program provides support to both students and nurses. San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine providers will work together with the school nurses and health aides caring for students. The school is not changing their role in your child’s healthcare in any way. Students will have access to providers, while on campus, for those who would like that option. There is no requirement to participate.

As a parent how can I become involved in the televisit?
Before connecting the child with a provider at San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine, the school nurse will notify the parent of the upcoming televisit. The parent has the option to come to the school and be present during the televisit.
Parents also have the right to decide not to allow a televisit at any time.

What are the costs for an televisit?
When parents register their child, they will provide their insurance and payment information. San Juan Health Partners
Family Medicine will bill for any televisit. Televisits will be billed at the same rate as an office visit at the clinic. For more
information on costs, please contact San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine at 505.334.3404. You may want to notify your insurance regarding registration in the program to ensure they have that information. The school nurses will only contact San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine when an televisit is appropriate. Not all student visits to the school nurse will require a call to San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine.

Will participation change my child’s family doctor?
This program provides care for your child while in school and does not change your child’s primary care provider. If you
register for the program, you may include the name of your provider on your paperwork. Also, included is an authorization for San Juan Health Partners to share notes of the televisit with your provider. If it is recommended that your child be seen by a doctor in person the parent can schedule that visit with the child’s primary care physician.

Will the school keep records of the televisit?
No. San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine will keep all medical records related to the televisit. If for any reason the school is in need of any health information regarding your child for a school record, they will be required to request those records, similar to any other medical information request. Included in the registration packet is additional information
regarding who may receive health information regarding your child’s care.

Where can I sign my child up for ehealth?
You can sign up at San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine by calling 505.334.3404 or visit sanjuanhealthpartners.com.